Repitch Fast Forward, the latest vinyl release from Repitch Recordings is a dynamic split EP by the two funders, marking a meaningful contribution to Repitch’s second Decade. This release beautifully highlights the diverse musical ethos of the label.

On the A Side, Ascion’s ‘Hurry’ kicks off a captivating blend of techno and electro elements, creating a dreamy atmosphere of pleasure. The acid-driven journey of ‘Himmerbone’ and the nostalgic powerhouse ‘Violent Delights’ follow suit, reminiscent of 90’s French style.

Turning to the B Side, D. Carbone boldly redefines the techno landscape. ‘Hard Avengers’ sets a melodic techno tone with acidic elements, while ‘Fuck You’ presents a groovy acid track, showcasing a progression from D. Carbone’s early Mord Sound. Concluding the EP, ‘Not A Business’ stands as a testament to Repitch’s nonconformist ethos, breaking boundaries and crafting music for the people, not for the business.

The resurgence of Repitch with this compelling vinyl release, a humble testament to the unwavering commitment to pushing musical boundaries and delivering unparalleled sonic experiences.

Video Clips by JoyDexon (aka Ascion)